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Summer shows..........

I wanted to post these photos of all the shows I was in this summer and the work I did for them.

I have been busy! (I will post the details soon)

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May solo art show

After I left my job to pursue my art, I had a solo art show at a place in Charlottesville, Va. It was at a store called Albemarle Cabinet and Kitchen Design. The owner was really great and as you can see the space was amazing to display art. We had several people come in to look and chat with. Please take a look at some pics of the evening. (scroll the photos left to right)

Painting in the Valley- Fall workshop

For my third workshop, I wanted everyone to paint a fall scene that would go with the summer painting that we did earlier. I showed them some new techiques and I think everyone did great....what do you think?

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Painting in the Valley- Owl rocks

I thought this workshop was really unique. On our way up to Niagara Falls we took our time and drove on a scenic road that followed the beach line of Lake Erie. We stopped at this one beach that instead of sand, the beach was full of flat smooth rocks. We gathered some up that I used for my workshop. The rocks were great for this Snowy Owl. Everyone had fun and some even went home and painted some more owls.

The shore of Lake Erie. Rocks and rocks and rocks!

The shore of Lake Erie. Rocks and rocks and rocks!

What I did on my summer vacation.........

Remember as a kid going back to school after the long summer months and reflecting on all the adventures you just had? It was fun remembering. I will attempt to do that here. At the start of the spring I left my job to pursue my art on a full time basis. We couldn't really travel much because of the restrictions my work placed on me, but when I left my job it was amazing to say the least. I still got up early but I could go up to my studio and just have some "fun" or we could hop in the car and take a road trip. I crossed a lot of adventures off my bucket list like...... Niagara Falls (we stayed in the coolest room over-looking the falls), Yosemite (God created magic there), saw the Joshua Tree National Park, the west end of the Grand Canyon and traveled around wine country in California. We visited with family and friends that we hadn't seen in years.

I had two solo exhibits and was in three shows with some amazing artists. I sold some art and did custom orders and also won some prizes (which is so thrilling and self assuring). I started teaching workshops and introducing people to painting while having fun with it. I also was featured and published in the "Colored pencil magazine". Pretty cool!    

New Beginnings

Springtime is a chance for new starts, new beginnings. There are some new and wonderful things happening in my life. I will fill you in on these soon. In the meantime here is a mini painting I just did. Thanks for looking! Leave me a note of what you have planned this Spring.

Happy Mothers Day!



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PamelaSTittle.com is you new gateway for all things Pam. You can now peruse previous artwork and ongoing projects, purchase custom gems and recently completed work in the shop, and browse through all the future blog posts to come right in one place.

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